Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Pre-Order Incentives!

Some new pre-order information has come about. Word on the street is (and by on the street, I mean straight from Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart's Twitter account) that if you pre-order the game from Target in the U.S. you will receive an exclusive and limited steelbook! This steelbook is different from the previous images we have seen, supposedly being the European edition. See the differences below. I have not been able to find any other details about this offer officially, but that didn't stop me from booking it to Target and pre-ordering my 5th copy! You will also receive a free $5 giftcard from Target.

U.S. Exclusive Limited Steelbook

European Steelbook

Also, you can receive 1600 Microsoft points if you pre-order from the Microsoft Store. This info is on the official Tomb Raider website and the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Points Pre-Order