Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stage 3 Pre-Order Incentive Announced

The images above showcase the exclusive Shanty Town Multiplayer Map you will receive as the final pre-order bonus for Tomb Raider. This area has been built up by the scavengers on the island and features many steep climbs, zip lines and traps to maneuver. It looks as though, at least in the US, you will receive this bonus when pre-ordering from any retailer. This includes Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy and Walmart.

Note: This DLC map was previously referred to as the "Endurance Pack" in earlier stages when multiplayer was yet-to-be announced.

Source: Official Tomb Raider Blog

Monday, January 28, 2013

Walmart Pre-order Bonus

The Walmart pre-order incentive has finally been revealed! Pre-order now to receive a free download of Lara Croft and the Guardian of light and an exclusive Guerrilla Skin!

Tomb Raider PS3 Controller

An exclusive PS3 controller has been revealed. This controller will be available when the game launches from Bigben Interactive.

Cover Art Render Released

The cover art has finally been released logo and watermark free. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tomb Raider, XBOX & Mighty Mouse Match Up

Tomb Raider and XBOX have partnered with Demetrius "Mighty Mouse" Johnson to showcase the new Limited Edition Controller. Check out the trailer and post-fight interview below.

Tomb Raider Event in Dubai

Some photos from the recent event in Dubai celebrating TR,
the first Square Enix title to be localized in Arabic.
Thanks to the Official Tomb Raider Blog & Lara Croft: The Raider for the photos.

Tomb Raider Mobile Phone Cases

 Feast your eyes on these new Tomb Raider cellular phone covers available from Bigben Interactive. All three styles: Survivor, Fire and Tourniquet will be available for the iPhone 4/4S/5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII when the game launches on March 5th. Visit Bigben for more info.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tomb Raider Strategy Guides Announced!

Brady Games will be producing two strategy guides for Tomb Raider. The Signature Series Guide and the Limited Edition Hardcover Guide that will include a replica of Lara's necklace! Official descriptions and pre-order links below.

Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide
Price: $24.99 
Pages: 256

Product Details: BradyGames Signature Series Guide is a must-have companion to Tomb Raider, one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year!
  • Comprehensive Walkthrough: We lead you through the entire game. Find every collectible! Complete every challenge!
  • Exclusive, highly detailed maps: Find every important objective, location, challenge, collectible, and more!
  • Detailed look at Lara’s arsenal: Learn the advantages of every skill and weapon.
  • Expert enemy analysis: Be prepared to face every enemy.
  • Signature Series treatment: With premium cover, extra art and bonus content, this is a collectible item for any fan! 
  • One special in-game digital download: The Scavenger Scout (platform of choice) 
  • Pre-order via Gamestop

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Guide
Price: $36.99
Pages: 272 

Product Details: Packed with Exclusives, the BradyGames Limited Edition Tomb Raider Strategy Guide is a Must Have for Every Fan of the series!

  • Lara’s Necklace: Exclusive real-world replica item from the game!
  • Two special in-game digital downloads: The Scavenger Scout and the Scavenger Executioner (platform of choice) 
  • Collectible hardcover strategy guide with deluxe finish.
  • All of the expert tips and strategies contained in our Tomb Raider Signature Series Strategy Guide. 
  • Pre-order via Gamestop

The Many Voices of Lara

As you may know from an earlier post, Nora Tschirner was recently announced as the German voice for Lara. Well that's not all! Many other voice actresses have been announced as well. Looks like a lot of really great talent are working on Tomb Raider all around the world. What a beautiful family of Laras we have! ;)

Karolina Gorczya - Polish Voice for Lara

Karolina on TR

Alice David - French Voice for Lara

YouTube: Alice on TR

Nadine Njeim - Arabic Voice for Lara

Nadine on TR

To read more on any of these lovely ladies, visit the official Tomb Raider Blog.

New Cover Stories from Spain and Germany

PlayMania (Spain)

Games Aktuell (Germany)

AGM (Germany)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

IGN UK Event

Here are some shots from the recent IGN Multiplayer Event in the UK.

Nora Tschirner Announced as German Voice of Lara Croft

Nora Tschirner has been announced the the German voice for Lara Croft. The video is in German so good luck understanding it! You can still make out the emotion and she does a pretty good job in my opinion.

From The Official Tomb Raider Blog:

Big, international news continues to break as we roll closer to the launch of Tomb Raider! Today, Square Enix Germany announced the lucky lady who is voicing Lara Croft for the German market – Nora Tschirner.

Born in Berlin, Nora is a famous actress noted for roles in movies such as “Keinohrhasen” and “Zweiohrk├╝ken.” Her career started on MTV and with television appearances in “Doctor’s Diary” and “Ijon Tichy. ” Nora has won several notable awards for her talents, including a German Comedy award and “Woman of the Year 2010” by GQ. Most recently Nora lent her voice to Merida in Disney’s Brave.

“My process to think about this offer to take this role, was very short - Lara Croft is just a legend,” shared Nora about her new role. “The concept of telling her history in the new Tomb Raider and creating the character with a greater depth is really exciting. It is definitely one of the most intense and emotional roles that I got to play so far.”

Tune in above to hear Nora as Lara, and to see some behind-the-scenes clips from her recent recording sessions. Even if you don’t speak German, emotion and enthusiasm are universal!

Check out the pics below!