Sunday, July 31, 2016

Alicia Vikander Talks Tomb Raider Film

Alicia Vikander elaborates a little about her upcoming role in the new "Tomb Raider" film to be released in 2018. It sounds like the filming will start later this year!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tomb Raider Archives Announced

Some more fantastic news coming out of SDCC, Tomb Raider Archives was announced during the 20 Years of Tomb Raider: Lara Croft's Multimedia Empire. Dark Horse and Andy Park revealed the Top Cow comic collection, originally released in 1999, will be re-released in over sized 8" x 12" hardcover volumes.

Tomb Raider Archives includes the following:

  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 1: Issues #1-15
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 2: Issues #16-24, #26-34
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 3: Issues #35-50, #0, #½
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 4: Tomb Raider Journeys #1-12, one-shots
Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1 is set for release on November 30, 2016 with the other volumes to come later in 2017.


There's only one woman capable of tracking down the world's rarest artifacts: Lara Croft. Armed with her iconic twin pistols, and aided by roguish playboy Chase Carver and her buttoned-up assistant Madeline Hovan, Lara crisscrosses the globe in search of adventure. Join Lara as she fights against a shadowy organization intent on her destruction, faces the ultimate betrayal, and uncovers legendary treasures.

This deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-#15 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series and features the art of superstar artists Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, David Finch, Andy Park and many more, all in an over sized format.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Arriving On PS4

Rise of the Tomb Raider is finally getting it's release on the PlayStation 4 with the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration this October 11th, 2016. Included is a plethora of goodies... YUSS WE GET TO PLAY LARA'S MANSION!!! Xbox One and PC Season Pass holders with get everything mentioned below as well, aside from the VR content. It will also be available as an individual digital purchase. Check out the FAQ. Pre-Order yours now from

⦁ NEW “Blood Ties” Single Player Story – In the wake of her father’s death, Lara’s uncle challenges her ownership of Croft Manor. Lara is determined to reclaim her legacy and prove that she is the rightful heir, but to do that she will need to confront her past head on. Explore Lara’s childhood home in an hour of new Story Mode gameplay, and uncover a family mystery that will change her life forever. This new mode is playable in standard third person and can also be experienced in Virtual Reality mode.
⦁ NEW “Blood Ties” Nightmare - Lara’s worst nightmares come alive as hordes of the undead overrun her childhood home. Defeat hordes of infectious zombies to become the ultimate zombie slayer, before the nightmare overwhelms you! Compete with friends and create community challenges with card modifiers in an all new Nightmare Mode.
⦁ NEW Endurance Mode Co-Op: You and a friend must scrounge, scavenge and craft to survive the harsh elements by day, as well as lethal threats from enemies, both man and beast, by night. This is the ultimate test to see how long you and a friend can survive the sprawling, unforgiving landscapes. Fire takes fuel, cold kills the unprepared, food restores health, and everything must be caught, collected, or crafted. You start with nothing and must find everything. Work together and challenge others to your longest survival run and battle to the top of the leaderboards.
⦁ NEW 20 Year Celebration Content - Five classic Lara Croft skins as well as a reimagined outfit that pays tribute to Lara’s trip to Antarctica in Tomb Raider III. New content also includes the “Extreme Survivor” difficulty setting in Rise of the Tomb Raider that will severely limit your save points, crafting materials, resources, ammunition, and health – only the most resourceful and capable will survive this new extreme difficulty.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tomb Raider at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

It's time for San Diego Comic-Con again and Tomb Raider is going to have a pretty good presence with more #TombRaider20 celebrations! Get your comics signed by the contributors, grab your custom Tomb Raider dog tags and lanyards, get your picture taken with famous cosplayers, and even climb an ice glacier! Sounds like there is going to be some big announcements too! How exciting!

SDCC Schedule

"Thursday, July 21
  • 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM | SIGNING | Phillip Sevy @ Dark Horse: Join current Tomb Raider comic artist Phillip Sevy at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) from 12:00 - 12:50 to have your books signed. Anyone attending in an Tomb Raider costume get a free sketch. 
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | SIGNING | 20 Years of Tomb Raider: Digging up the Past, Defining the Future Promo: Join 20 Years of Tomb Raider author Meagan Marie at the Prima Games booth (#1028). Verify your pre-order of 20 Years of Tomb Raider and receive an autographed Rise of the Tomb Raider poster! With stunning visuals and in-depth commentary, 20 Years of Tomb Raider explores the ground-breaking, rich, and diverse history of this iconic gaming franchise. Book available to pre-order now. 
Friday, July 22
  • 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM | ACTIVITIES | Square Enix Experience: Rise of the Tomb Raider Glacial Climb, #TombRaider20 custom dog tags, lanyard giveaway, and Lara Croft cosplay ambassador photo-ops at the Square Enix Experience: 7th Avenue and Market Street. 
  • 5:00 PM – 5:50 PM | SIGNING | Corinna Bechko @ Dark Horse: Join Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen writer Corinna Bechko at the Dark Horse booth (#2615) from 5:00 - 5:50 to have your books signed. 
Saturday, July 23
  • 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM | ACTIVITIES | Square Enix Experience: Rise of the Tomb Raider Glacial Climb, #TombRaider20 Custom dog tags, lanyard giveaway, and Lara Croft cosplay ambassador photo-ops at the Square Enix Experience: 7th Avenue and Market Street.
  • 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM | PANEL | 20 Years of Tomb Raider: Lara Croft’s Multimedia Empire: In 1996, Core Design unleashed Lara Croft on the world when they released the first Tomb Raider video game. Over the past two decades, Tomb Raider expanded to all facets of pop culture and entertainment – from critically acclaimed video games to record-breaking Hollywood movies; from best-selling comic series and chart-topping singles. Join major Franchise contributors on Saturday, July 23, (Room 24ABC) for a conversation about Lara Croft’s multimedia empire, presented by the top-tier talent who brought her to life across different mediums. Panelists: Greg Miller (Moderator), Camilla Luddington (Voice and Performance Artist for Lara Croft), Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director), Andy Park (Comic and Concept Artist), Debbie Lash (Eidos’ Lara Croft model manager and marketing executive), and Meagan Marie (Senior Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics, and author of 20 Years of Tomb Raider). The panel will not be live streamed, but will be uploaded online at a future date.
  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM | COSPLAY GATHERING | Square Enix Experience: Those who attend in costume will receive exclusive #TombRaider20 swag and professional photos. All Lara iterations – classic or current – as well as other characters from the franchise history are welcome to attend. If you’re looking for costume reference from Rise of the Tomb Raider, check out our Gear Up Guide gallery. Please review SDCC weapon and prop policy prior to attending the show. RSVP on Facebook for more info."

Friday, July 8, 2016

Upcoming Tomb Raider Film Marked for March 2018

The "Tomb Raider" reboot film starring Alicia Vikander has a release date of March 2018. MGM and Warner Bros are producing the movie, which is still quite a mystery. Nothing else has been released regarding it. I'm unsure why they revealed a release date so soon, but at least we have a time frame. We have a long wait.

Source: Variety

Monday, July 4, 2016

Angel of Darkness Wins Final Statue in Anniversary Collection

The fans have cast their votes and Angel of Darkness Lara has won the final spot in the "20 Years of an Icon" statue collection! Stay tuned for more info and how to get yours soon!

See previous post for more info.

Source: Official Tomb Raider Blog