Monday, April 13, 2020

Marvel's Avengers Game by Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics along with Crystal Northwest and Eidos Montreal are working hard on a new Marvel's Avengers game and it is looking pretty fantastic! I know my site is dedicated to the Tomb Raider Franchise, but I just couldn't resist posting about this game. I am so excited for it and can't wait to play! I am not a massive Avengers or Marvel fan, but I do like the characters and movies. This game has me all sorts of hyped to play as super heroes solo and with my friends. The narrative storytelling looks like its going to be great and in the style of the latest Tomb Raider Trilogy which I love.

The characters and their outfits have so much detail it's kind of astounding. The customization of their skills and abilities should be really fun. Kamala Khan seems like a really interesting and unique character that I can relate to and how about those dual pistols eh Natasha?? Better be some foreshadowing for the next Tomb Raider installment!

I have collected all the media down below as well as some info-graphics on pre-order bonuses and editions. GameStop is offering an exclusive pin set, Best Buy has a special steenbok, Walmart gets a neat set of patches, and PlayStation gets exclusive content. Marvel's Avengers is set to release September 4th, 2020.

More to come. Visit the Official Avengers Site for more info and to pre-order.