Monday, May 31, 2021

Tomb Raider Cosplay Guides (So Far)

Check out all of the classic cosplay guides that have been released so far. Be sure to follow @TombRaider on Twitter and the Tomb Raider Flickr page for others that you may have missed. 

Classic Tomb Raider Clips Released

Our wonderful community team at Crystal Dynamics have released these nostalgic clips from the archives. Some of which I have never seen. Keep an eye out for more digitized content coming in the future. 

Lara Weller Tomb Raider IV Bond Promo

Tomb Raider: A Brief History

Tomb Raider Nike Intro

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tomb Raider IV Month Underway

It is time to celebrate the 4th main installment of the franchise, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. And who better to illustrate the reimagined cover art than Andy Park himself. Andy has been part of Lara since he started drawing her for the comic series by Top Cow back in the 90's. Be sure to follow the link below to download all resolutions of this magnificent piece and to print off your own replacement cover.

TR25 Celebration Site

Pixelated Laras

Crystal Dynamics have released some very cute pixelated Laras spanning the entire franchise. Adorn your devices with these very cool wallpapers and collect the individual pieces as well. Be sure to download them all form the Tomb Raider Flickr page.

Tomb Raider Flickr Page