Tuesday, August 24, 2021

War of the Visions - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Tomb Raider Crossover Revealed

Lara Croft in her classic style is coming to War of the Visions - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius this September 22nd. You can see her dual pistols in action in the teaser trailer below.

War of the Visions - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile role playing game available on iOS and Android devices.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Brenoch Adams Redesigns TR Anniversary Box Art

Bren has done it again! This time with the reimagined box art for Tomb Raider: Anniversary. He has captured the very essence of TRA and somehow brought to life a new sense of intrigue and nostalgia. The expressions on all the characters faces are superb and the beam of light on the pyramid...ahhh pure satisfaction. As much as I have a crush on Bren do I have a crush on this piece of beauty. Could this Lara design be a nod to what we can expect with the unification of the timelines? Time will tell.

Get this masterpiece on all of your devices HERE.

Angel of Darkness Wrap Up

 Did you miss anything during Angel of Darkness Month? If so, I got you covered here with everything you need to catch up. July was chock full of surprises including unreleased content, developer documents, multiple cover art redesigns, free novels and more. Check out the spoils below and be sure to visit the Official Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary site for celebrations throughout the year.

Original FMV Intro Storyboard

NPC Highlight Reel

Environment & Object Highlight Reel

Enemy Highlight Reel

Kurtis Highlight Reel

Lara Highlight Reel

Extended B-Roll

Extended B-Roll #2

Wrap Up Showcase

Caleb Groves Box Art Reimagining

Who Correa Box Art Reimagining

Nathan Box Art Reimagining

Anastasia Box Art Reimagining

TR Novels Available For Free Via Apple Books or Direct Download HERE

AOD Crossword

AOD Cosplay Guides

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Gaming Heads Reveals Angel of Darkness Statue


Gaming Heads revealed their much anticipated Angel of Darkness statue and she is a beauty! This marks the 5th statue in the 20th Anniversary Collection originally announced way back in 2016.

She is available in a Standard Edition, an Exclusive Edition complete with the Chirugai and Sunglasses, and an unpainted Collective Edition.

This Dark Angel is set to ship out by the end of the year so pre-order yours before they are gone!