Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode 20 of The Crystal Habit Podcast

This episode discusses Emotional Synchronization in Tomb Raider and how the team used systems design to make you feel what Lara was feeling during the game. Listen HERE

Source: Tomb Raider Blog

"A Piece of The Island"

Check out "A Piece of The Island" Mini versions of "The Instrument" created by Jason Graves and Matt McConnell as gifts for Crystal Dynamics team members.

Source: Tomb Raider Blog

HOB Salon Offers Official Lara Croft Hairstyle!

HOB Salon in the UK is offering up an official Tomb Raider hairstyle!

From The Tomb Raider Blog:

"Want lovely layers like Lara? You’re in luck! UK-based HOB Salon just revealed a new style inspired by Lara Croft’s look in Tomb Raider. 

“The Lara” is all about simplicity - comprised of a loose ponytail with lots of layers. The natural and low-maintenance look was added to the books after a slew of customer requests, says HOB. 

“The new Lara Croft has featured heavily on advertising all across London, most notably on the buses!” said Claire Atkinson, HOB Salons’ Expert Stylist and Creative Team member. “Clearly she’s made quite an impact as we’ve had so many customers ask us to replicate that look that it made sense to make it an official HOB style.” 

As such, HOB is rolling out the look in all 24 of their salons, with special instructions for stylists detailing how to recreate the hairstyle for clients." 

Source: Tomb Raider Blog

New Tomb Raider T-Shirts

Brand spankin' new Tomb Raider Tees have hit the Official Tomb Raider Store! Check them out below and head over to the store and pick them up for $20 each. 

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