Friday, March 8, 2013

MaxRaider Give Away!

Join in on the MaxRaider Give Away! U.S. residents can take a stab at winning a sweet Limited Edition Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Controller along with some other rare Tomb Raider swag!

Prizes on the line:

  • #1: Limited Edition Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Wireless Controller/Limited Numbered "Survivor" Print
  • #2: Limited Edition Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Wireless Controller/Limited "Rebirth" Print by Andy Park
  • #3: Limited Edition Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Wireless Controller/Limited Florescent Tomb Raider Legend Sticker
How to enter:

Comment on this post what you love about this new Tomb Raider. That's it! Keep it spoiler free please. I will randomly pick the 3 winners at the end of the give away.

Other important stuff:

For U.S. Residents Only

The give away will run from TODAY, March 8th, through next FRIDAY, March 15th. I will be in contact with the winners on SATURDAY, March 16th.

I have the right to extend the give away period if I feel there are not enough entries.



  1. What I love about the new Tomb Raider is its potential. Lara is so human now, she has gone through this great ordeal and developed into a strong person, survivalist and a Tomb Raider. What does she do next? Search for her parents? Rock the archaeology and anthropology scientific communities? Seek out more lost civilizations? Reenter her privileged background and start her own expedition business, much like the Endurance? As a franchise it is ripe for picking for more games, comics, novels, films, whatever. It is a combination of excellent design, writing, art, animation, acting, music and technical expertise, and I can't wait for more.

  2. What I love about this new Tomb Raider is how she develops throughout the game to the Lara Croft we all know and love. I really like the base camp system because it lets you improve your skill levels and also upgrade your weapons too. Also the music in a way reminds me of the original so that's what i also love about it, although i do miss the original theme. I cant wait for more tomb raider!! :)

  3. Iam not that far into the game yet but so far I like everything even the QTES and what I know for sure I like about this tomb raider is the environment the graphics are nice but the environments and the setting are beautiful. Hope they continue this one

  4. What I love about the new Tomb Raider is that it shows how Lara started off. In the other games is shows Lara Croft as a brave adventurer raiding tombs and not flinching at all when killing enemies. But in this remake, you see her making her way to the Lara we all know and love. (P.S. I love the bow)

  5. What I love about the new Tomb Raider is how realistic and vulnerable Lara Croft feels through the game.

  6. What isn't there to love about the new Tomb Raider game? Playing through now and am loving every minute. Defiantly GOTY material! If I had to answer the question directly I would say getting to play a new Tomb Raider game after waiting for all these years is what I love most. Let's all hope the next game doesn't have such a long wait. Or bring on the DLC!

  7. There's so much that I love! The whole game is at first linear but soon allows me to explore every nook and cranny for secret tombs and collectables. The best part is you can unlock more items later in the game that allow you to go back and find more cool things. The funnest part about the collectables is the little artifact mini games where it allows Lara to look over an artifact and reveal more lore behind the history of it. On top of all of this, you truly empathize with Lara's struggle as she becomes injured and grizzled by the environment she is suddenly introduced to. The greatest thing is I probably won't have to wait for the next game as long as I did for this one.

  8. I really love this game. Lara is a very strong and intelligent women that uses her survival skills and Amazing bow to fight and survive through tough enemies and flawless obstacles. I have watched all the YouTube videos.I have really enjoyed the Final Hours of Tomb Raider and loved it. I know the people at Crystal Dynamics have put there hard work and effort into this game. I've been wanting the Tomb Raider controller since I first laid eyes on it. I can see myself putting hours upon hours on this game.Anyone who haven't played this game should really pick it up and I promise you, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

  9. I love the music, the feeling of being hellpless throughout the game, the feeling of sadness when Lara gets hurt, i also love combat and how amazing she is when it comes down to having to fight, I love the graphics, and how detailed this game is and if she covered in when she goes into the water it comes off. I also love how Lara uses her intellegence to get out of puzzles. I also love how she goes from being in way weak when she first gets on the island to her first kill, and after that as she goes further into the island she gets the courage and she gets very strong. SO in closing I love this game and everything about it. So in closing please consider giving me a controler, and you can get ahold of me on my youtube channle at Tom Wirth

  10. I love everything about Tombraider, the cutscenes to the battle scenes and extra gameplay. The puzzle integration works flawlessly alongside the new combat system, which give Lara a more realistic spin. I also love the whole island perspective and how you are able to roam freely unlike any other Tombraider series. Overall, I give this game a 9/10 and hope to see the so-called sequel play out next year.

  11. Great, great comments everyone! Winner to be announced soon! :)

  12. Congratulations To:

    Tom Wirth,
    Phillip Wessels and
    David Villegas!

    You Are The Winners Of The MaxRaider Give Away!

    Thank you all for participating. It means a lot that you would take the time to check out my website and videos.

    Keep Raiding Until The Next Give Away! ;D...