Saturday, March 17, 2018

"Tomb Raider" Movie Soundtrack Available Everywhere

The "Tomb Raider" movie soundtrack score is available now from all major retailers and streaming services. I really love this soundtrack. Junkie XL did an exquisite job capturing the emotion and the action of the movie. In the theater the music literally pulls you into the scenes and I felt every minute of it. I also love that he had a custom Tahitian drum set made exclusively for the score just like Jason Graves created "The Instrument" for the reboot game. Junkie's incorporation of edited animal sounds is a really cool touch as well.

Check out this awesome hub to preview the soundtrack and to get an inside look at Junkie's process in creating the music for this iconic movie.

Tomb Raider Soundtrack Hub


1 Return to Croft Manor
2 Seeking Endurance
3 The Bag
4 Path of Paternal Secrets
5 The Devil’s Sea
6 Let Yamatai Have Her
7 Figure in the Night
8 Remember This
9 Never Give Up
10 Karakuri Wall
11 What Lies Underneath Yamatai
12 There’s No Time
13 Becoming the Tomb Raider
14 The Croft Legacy

Custom Tahitian Drums