Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Unearthed

What an exciting 24 hours it has been! The Tomb Raider fan base is shook with the release of the full-length trailer for Tomb Raider. Watch it in all it's glory above.

And when I say all it's glory, I mean ALL IT'S GLORY! This trailer is packed with the very meaning TOMB RAIDER! You'll notice all the likenesses to the past two games and then... BOOM, dual pistols baby! That's right, and they're the exact models Angelina Jolie holstered in the first two films! It's got the tombs, the mysterious island, the brutal action, the drama, the bow and arrows, the guns, the growth of Lara as the bad ass Tomb Raider and more!

And that's not all! Watch the "Becoming Lara Croft" behind the scenes video below to get all sorts of gritty with Alicia Vikander!

And more! The trailer was released exclusively with a live sit down with Alicia herself, courtesy of IGN. Watch the happenings below.

Still more! The director, Roar Uthaug, gave us some commentary.

Nope, there's more! Alicia then proceeded to hop on set with James Corden of The Late Late Show and it is hilarious and awesome all at the same time!

I am so excited for this film and I can't wait to see it on opening night! I hope to see you there in March of 2018.