Thursday, January 17, 2013

Written Multiplayer Impressions

Alright, so I played about 20 minutes or so of multiplayer. There was a lot to take in in that amount of time, and me not being well versed in multiplayer games, felt overwhelmed! So, I apologize if it seems like I don't know what I'm talking about because I probably don't!

Here we go! Right off I was confused with the menu system. I need some more hands on time to get the hang of it. You pick your character, weapons and upgrades. Yes, Lara is available! (But you have to work for her) You upgrade with salvage credits just like in the main game. Upgrades include increased magazine size, rapid fire and so forth.

Then we're off! We are playing! Let me just say I love the environments! I only played in one map, but it was vast, full of interactive objects and surfaces, beautiful and just all around fun to traverse. There were zip lines all over for a quick get-away and I could climb almost anything. I found ammo caches lying all around the map, which you will need because you will run out of ammo. There was even a trigger to set off a sand storm that completely shrouds the entire screen in dust. I couldn't see a thing! I was freaking out! I didn't realize it at the time, but from what they said (I think) it gives the survivors the upper hand because they can see where the scavengers are, but not the other way around.

I found that controlling the character was not as fluid at in the main game. (Reminder: This build was 2 months old, so there is time for improvement) Mostly with the pick axe. I found myself just lobbing the axe around and completely missing the enemy and losing my barrings before being killed myself. It just seemed all over the place and not doing what I wanted it to. I didn't notice the cover system in effect either. My character didn't crouch behind anything in the level. It was just balls out blazing! I died pretty easily. In only about 10 shots. Other than that, I still had fun!

Rewind: Let's talk modes. I only played 2 modes. Deathmatch and Rescue. Deathmatch = shoot to kill. Rescue = the survivors have to get 5 med-packs to a specific location on the map, while scavengers have to get 20 kills. Whoever comes first wins. This was my favorite mode because I could actually get the med-packs to the collection spot! That made me feel good. ;) It's still a challenge though because you can drop the med-pack! You have to scramble to pick it back up!

Overall, I'm impressed! I love that Tomb Raider is broadening its play-ability in this way. It's fun and innovative for the franchise and it will bring TR fans closer together in a whole new way. I'm so excited for that!

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