Friday, January 25, 2013

Tomb Raider Strategy Guides Announced!

Brady Games will be producing two strategy guides for Tomb Raider. The Signature Series Guide and the Limited Edition Hardcover Guide that will include a replica of Lara's necklace! Official descriptions and pre-order links below.

Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide
Price: $24.99 
Pages: 256

Product Details: BradyGames Signature Series Guide is a must-have companion to Tomb Raider, one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year!
  • Comprehensive Walkthrough: We lead you through the entire game. Find every collectible! Complete every challenge!
  • Exclusive, highly detailed maps: Find every important objective, location, challenge, collectible, and more!
  • Detailed look at Lara’s arsenal: Learn the advantages of every skill and weapon.
  • Expert enemy analysis: Be prepared to face every enemy.
  • Signature Series treatment: With premium cover, extra art and bonus content, this is a collectible item for any fan! 
  • One special in-game digital download: The Scavenger Scout (platform of choice) 
  • Pre-order via Gamestop

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Guide
Price: $36.99
Pages: 272 

Product Details: Packed with Exclusives, the BradyGames Limited Edition Tomb Raider Strategy Guide is a Must Have for Every Fan of the series!

  • Lara’s Necklace: Exclusive real-world replica item from the game!
  • Two special in-game digital downloads: The Scavenger Scout and the Scavenger Executioner (platform of choice) 
  • Collectible hardcover strategy guide with deluxe finish.
  • All of the expert tips and strategies contained in our Tomb Raider Signature Series Strategy Guide. 
  • Pre-order via Gamestop