Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tomb Raider Arcade Game Hits Dave & Buster's!

A brand new Tomb Raider arcade game has hit all 108 Dave & Buster's locations around the country! Play this unique shooter with up to four players at once, shooting your way through the island of Yamatai to get the highest score. Solarii enemies and wolves will try to take you down as you progress through three parts of the first episode. Don't forget to collect totems and other weapons as well! Only one episode is available at the moment, with at least two more to follow sometime down the line. 

I have played the game myself and it is so much fun! The booth is massive and very high quality and the guns are Lara's signature style Heckler & Koch pistols! You actually cock them!

The Tomb Raider arcade game will be open to other vendors after the year end.