Sunday, July 30, 2017

Updates On The Tomb Raider Suite Progress

GameFaceShow recently interviewed Nathan McCree on The Tomb Raider Suite and his progress on the project.

Nathan is hard at work getting The Tomb Raider Suite all set for production! Over the last month he has been going through all of the orders of the backers tallying up everything that needs to be made. He is about half way through, so hang in there if you haven't heard from him yet. He will confirm your add-ons and such via e-mail.

The stretch goals are also looking like they indeed will be possible. Nathan has confirmed that the choir will be increased from 20 to 40 members and a 5th recording session will be held at Abbey Road Studios. Hopefully the rest of the goals can be made as well.

The Tomb Raider Suite website will soon be updated with options to purchase select Kickstarter merchandise and the retail version of the album!