Friday, August 14, 2015

Rise of the Tomb Raider Pre-Order Incentives Announced

The pre-order packs have been announced for Rise of the Tomb Raider during the recent Gamescom event held in Cologne, Germany. The packs contain unique outfits, weapons, and a new element: special cards that alter stats in the game. More on the card packs to be revealed at a later time. Check out what is offered at specific North American retailers and a special UK pack below. A larger list of offerings will be available in the future.

The Apex Predator Pack (GameStop Exclusive in North America)
•The all-new Apex Predator outfit for Lara, with patchwork clothing made of bear fur, animal claws, and scraps of cloth. A dried bloody hand print across Lara’s face completes this intimidating look. The Apex Predator outfit also reduces damage inflicted by animals
•The upgradeable Python Hand Cannon, which offers incredible stopping power
•A Card Pack including the rare Holy Fire card, which causes enemies killed with melee to burst into flames, damaging and igniting other enemies nearby

The Hope’s Bastion Pack (Amazon)
•The all-new Hope’s Bastion outfit for Lara, with ancient byzantine era chainmail, armor, and tough leather she has gathered from hidden tombs. The Hope’s Bastion outfit also boosts Lara’s charged bow shots
•The Wreckoner Battle Axe Skin
•A Card Pack including the rare Juggernaut foil card, which gives Lara additional armor with each kill for a limited time

The Sparrowhawk Pack (Best Buy)
•The all-new Sparrowhawk outfit for Lara, crafted from the furs and hides of animals she has hunted. The Sparrowhawk outfit also boosts Lara’s hunting ability
•The White Wood Recurve Bow Skin
•A Card Pack including the rare Master Hunter foil card, which deals double damage on animals and yields double the resources when hunting

Remnant Resistance Pack (Participating Retailers)
•The all-new Remnant outfit for Lara, which is a collection of animal skins and ancient byzantine armor. The outfit gives Lara a chance to bandage without using her resources.
•The Matte Ebony Magnum Skin
•The Bullet Resistance foil card, which gives Lara extra damage resistance to gunfire

Bonus Steelbook (Game UK)


Game UK offers a special steelbook along with the Apex Predator Pack.

Source: Official Tomb Raider Blog